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Und jetzt erst recht!

Der CitrixConfigurator

You may or may not know Citrix, specifically their wonderful software. One of these pieces of crap is called Citrix Online Plug-in, the widely used ICA client formerly known as Program Neighborhood Agent. I won’t waste my time providing you some info links cause if you don’t have to use Citrix you may also have no use for the tool I’m announcing here :wink:

I was also one of the over 9000 angry admins who just wanted to deploy some settings like the goddamn server URL via Group Policy (Preferences) to all my beloved users. Just kick off a quick search on Google ’bout “Citrix Online Plug-in Server URL GPO” and you’ll find tons and tons of forum threads with frustrated colleagues asking for a goddamn solution. Citrix doesn’t care, they say “oh, we’re sorry but if you were too stupid to design your infrastructure right you just have to roll it out with the corrected command line switches again”. Reminds me of SUCKtechs Single Sign On Utility… Screw you, Citrix, screw you! I’m sick of people who’re thinking they can tell me how to use their crap just like they do! But I got a solution: reverse-engineer it and build a fix. That’s where my CitrixConfigurator joins the scene.

So what does this do, you might ask. Simple; it reads the registry-stored configuration, converts it into readable XML and writes it back or rather convert it into a hex-string. I think I don’t have to tell you what to do with these new powers :grin: Just grab and use it! Wanna thank me? Just give some feedback if you tested it, have a nice day :tounge: